Centenary Celebrations 2010

Adrian Gebruers: Fleischmann Carillon Recital 13 June 2010 in St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh
Adrian Gebruers is organist at the Cathedral and lecturer at the School of Music of University College Cork. All the works performed at the recital were arranged for carillon by him, with the exception of Fleischmann’s two carillon pieces, Nochtrái and Toccata. Fleischmann’s father, Aloys Fleischmann senior (cathedral organist in Cork 1906-1961), and his grandfather, Hans Conrad Swertz (church organist in Cork 1879-1906) were also commemorated. The Fleischmann family is most grateful to Adrian for permission to place this recording of the recital on the website.

Programme Note
The Cathedral Carillonneur presents a special tribute recital marking the centenary of the birth of AF. Composer, scholar, organiser and Professor of Music at UCC. Aloys Fleischmann made a major contribution to music in Ireland throughout much of the 20th century. This afternooon’s programme consists of music associated with the Fleischmann family, including compositions by Aloys Fleischmann, his father Aloys Georg Fleischmann  and his grandfather Hans Conrad Swertz.

Fleischmann: ‘Song for a Festive Occasion’


Fleischmann: A Traditional Air ‘Ballinderry’


Fleischmann: A Traditional Air ‘Eibhlín a Rúin’


Fleischmann: Hymn to Our Lady of Knock


A German Folk Song: ‘Die Lorelei’


A German Folk Song: ‘Ho-La-Hi’


Fleischmann: Nochtrai for Carillon

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Hans Conrad Swertz: ‘The Time of Roses’


Fleischmann Senior: ‘Close My Eyes’


Fleischmann: Toccata for Carillon


An Irish Air from Moore’s Melodies: ‘Silent O Moyle’


An Irish Air from Moore’s Melodies: ‘Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded’


Fleischmann: ‘Where Finbarr Taught’

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