2 thoughts on “Rory Gallagher, c1979 Manchester by Steve Smith”

  1. Hi,
    Just a little note to tell you that the photos cannot be from 1979, as drummer Rod de’Ath left the Rory Gallagher Band on 29th April 1978.
    Could it be that Steve Smith took these great pics either on 17th January 1977 (Free Trade Hall in Manchester) or if not, maybe on 13th April 1978 (Apollo Theatre Manchester)?
    Best regards from Bibi
    (page owner Rory Gallagher Video Page)


    1. Hi Bibi,

      When we got the photos the only info we were given was that they were from circa 77-79 and were tagged as such.
      Definitely some from the Free Trade Hall in 77 alright as confirmed by attendees!
      Through people like yourself taking the time to comment we are gaining more info all the time so thanks for that.
      As soon as I’ve enough info (and time!) I’ll re-tag them.
      Rod de Ath is a dead give away though 🤓
      I just love these photos though, regardless!



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